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Chelford is a small village situated in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. In recent years, the agricultural market and haulage business have moved on and new housing developments have taken their place. In today’s Chelford, you will see more young people and young families and the future of the village and its facilities is brighter and more secure.

The history of the area and the effect of the railway on the village’s development is still to be seen in its church, school, manor house, coal office and farms. Chelford has long been a hub for cycle racing and our station is also a great starting point for many lovely rural walks.

Our much-loved station may be utilitarian but we work hard to make it welcoming. To everyone who says ‘Hello’ and utters words of encouragement, that’s what we love to hear! We live in a beautiful village and it is a pleasure to give something back to our community.



Chelford has a number of Geocaches surrounding the Station. An example circular route has been created that you may choose to follow to explore the nearby Geocaches, while enjoying the outdoors. Click the subtitle of this section to view the route on Google Maps.

This circular Route is 3.9 miles long and takes 1 Hour 16 Minutes to complete; with the opportunity to find 4 Geocaches along the route. (Time taken to find the Geocaches not included)

Below is the listed route that is shown on Google maps with the names and co-ordinates of the Geocaches. Click on Geocaches below to be re-directed to more information on each one (You must have an account to view content)

Chelford Station

KT14 Tree– N 53° 15.978 W 002° 17.500

Half Term Hideaway #4N 53° 16.032 W 002° 17.732

K14 field–  N 53° 16.174 W 002° 17.966

K14 Wood N 53° 16.239 W 002° 17.761

Chelford Station