Stockport Railway Station

With a thriving modern shopping centre, an historic core, and a family leisure complex located next to the train station, Stockport is a town of contrasts with plenty to offer.

If you visit Stockport at the moment you can’t but help notice the amount of building work that has taken place and continues to take  place. Stockport has ambitious plans, these include a new commercial / retail complex directly outside the station, a new leisure / cinema complex in the town centre now fully in operation and a new Bus Station Interchange that will be constructed over the next two years.

When you visit Stockport make sure you allow plenty of time to take in some of the attractions. Some to consider are; the Hat Works Museum, the Air Raid Shelters, built into the sandstone of Stockport and the Stair Case Café, so named because of its rare Jocobean stair case. A multi lingual audio guide is available on site to take you through the history of the building.



Stockport has a number of Geocaches surrounding the Station. An example circular route has been created that you may choose to follow to explore the nearby Geocaches, while enjoying the outdoors. Click the subtitle of this section to view the route on Google Maps.

This circular Route is 2.2 miles long and takes 45 Minutes to complete; with the opportunity to find 6 Geocaches along the route. (Time taken to find the Geocaches not included)

Below is the listed route that is shown on Google maps with the names and co-ordinates of the Geocaches. Click on Geocaches below to be re-directed to more information on each one (You must have an account to view content)

Stockport Station        

Stockport Heritage Trail- Town Hall–  N 53° 24.367 W 002° 09.573

Stockport heritage Trail- Air Raid Shelters– N 53° 24.620 W 002° 09.568

Mersey Stride- Viaduct view– N 53° 24.556 W 002° 10.081

Egypt or Stockport–  N 53° 24.462 W 002° 10.431

Hoorey for Hollywood– N 53° 24.306 W 002° 10.249

Side Tracked- Stockport– N 53° 24.233 W 002° 09.817

Stockport Station